The bay and bow window ensures years of quality service due to the factory-finished support members that stabilize the unit. The stainless steel hardware and vinyl construction adds to this by removing the need for maintenance or painting. When you choose bay and bow windows for your window replacement, you better be prepared to add a whole new level of style and view to your home. With a wide set and real birch wood, they add a special elegance to your home while also providing you with a stunning view. Both durable and stylish, this window is an excellent addition to any home.


  • Bow Window designed with 3, 4, 5 or 6 equal lites, all set at 10° angles, for versatile window design
  • High quality seatboards, headboards and side panels are manufactured from furniture grade 1 1⁄8” thick oak veneer plywood (versus typical 3⁄4” thick plywood)
  • Bay Window consists of 3 lites, with side windows configured at 30° or 45° angles
  • Optional woodgrain laminates eliminate the need to paint or stain the interior, while providing easier maintenance and greater durability
  • An anti-water penetration system (installed between frame and seatboard) helps protect home against water and moisture damage

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