Smart Choice Windows and More


If your windows are older and/or made of wood, you should consider replacement windows. New windows can improve the design of your home and decrease energy bills.
You may be eligible for an energy efficiency tax credit when installing new windows or other home improvements. Check with an accounting expert for details.
Smart Choice Windows (made with environmentally friendly, polyurethane insulated extrusions) provide twice the R-factor of competitor’s vinyl foam filled windows. Smart Choice Windows are constructed using energy efficient, pure virgin uPVC that helps in keeping your home insulated.
Similar to what is used on premium cell phones and tablets, our optional Interior Low-E coatings are scratch resistant, long lasting and they reflect your home’s heat back into the room. Superior thermal performance is delivered using argon or krypton filled cavities and innovative glass coatings. This combination outperforms conventional windows to keep your home comfortable at any temperature, but is primarily beneficial in climate zones where insulation (U-factor) is the primary concern.
GutterShutter is an award-winning solution that is water-tight and comes with a variety of colors, so that you can improve the curb appeal to your home as well! We use only the highest-quality of materials to ensure that you are receiving the best upgrade to your old gutters, and at a price that is easily affordable.
Our metal roofs enhance the curb appeal and value of your home while providing durability, performance and protection that will last (50-year limited warranty).